Skywars Tournament!

Every Month is Skywars month here at Pigraid!!

This month we're opening our skywars server for the first time. To celebrate we're having a month-long tournament where the winning players will receive gift cards good for redeeming on the pigraid store!

How to Connect & Play

Connect to the server hub ( and look for the skywars portal. It will be behind you as you spawn.


The Tournament

Tournament Runs Monthly

The Tournament starts on the 1st, and runs through the end of the month. The top 5 players with the most skywars wins at midnight, UTC-5 (EST) on the last day of the month will win!

1st Place $100 USD Buycraft Gift Card*
2nd Place $50 USD Buycraft Gift Card*
3rd Place $40 USD Buycraft Gift Card*
4th Place $30 USD Buycraft Gift Card*
5th Place $20 USD Buycraft Gift Card*

*buycraft giftcards can only be used on the pigraid store

- All normal pigraid rules are enforced during the competition
- If you are perm banned during the competition due to warn levels or other, you cannot re-enter the competition
- Teaming in skywars with other players is not permitted
- Pigraid reserves the right to disqualify any player from the tournament at any time, for any reason. So be good ;)

*pigraid staff reserve the right to change, add or remove from the offical rules at any time during the competition

Track your Stats!

Checkout Pigraid's online leaderboards (now in beta)

Good Luck!

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